Common faults of professional audio equipment

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At present, some domestic equipment has relatively many faults. For individuals, it is more difficult to solve them, and some problems are troublesome to spend money to solve

At present, some domestic equipment has relatively many faults. For individuals, it is more difficult to solve them, and some problems are troublesome to spend money to solve. So today, Yihe audio will share with you how to solve the difficulties encountered in audio equipment. Here is a brief introduction to the common faults of professional audio equipment

1、 Common self failure of mixer:

1. The volume pusher is not in good contact, and the sound is intermittent when working.

2. Channel input port failure, for example, the XLR XLR input port of the old Budweiser mixer is easy to be "uprooted". I couldn't believe my eyes when I started to encounter this kind of failure.

3. The control system is out of order. Once I used a 16 channel sound control console, it was found that there was no signal coming out of the total output. Later, it was changed to group output. When I pushed the 10th channel, it was the sound of channel 11. Later, I used aux to output signals and so on. Finally, the mixer went on strike completely. At this time, the performance can not be cold, I simply put the CD signal directly to the power amplifier to play some music. It's the first time that I've encountered such a mixer failure for so many years, and I haven't heard of it before. In short, the failure of mixer is nothing more than input part, output part, control part, power supply part, etc., which is generally caused by equipment aging.

2、 Common self faults of equalizer:

1. The contact failure of push-pull key of equalizer is the most common, which is mainly due to aging of equipment and harsh environment.

2. The internal circuit fault of equalizer. I have seen some equalizers have only one signal output. Later, I found that the circuit is broken, and there are not a few such equalizers. I have encountered them several times.

3、 Voltage limiter, electronic frequency divider, professional feedback suppressor, professional delay device and other common self faults:

In addition to the serious aging of these equipment, there will be no major problems. At most, there are some small problems in adjusting the knob and the signal socket on the rear panel.

4、 Common faults of digital effect device:

1. Noise problem: when processing audio signal, digital effect device itself has certain digital noise. If the signal line is not well shielded, the noise will be like rain when it is serious.

2. The core part of the digital effect device is the digital processing chip. When these digital chips fail, I have seen a yamaha500 effector, which can be turned on but can not work. All the programs in it can't be adjusted and used, and such a complex digital chip can't be repaired at all.

5、 Common faults of power amplifier and speaker:

1. The most common failure of power amplifier is that the capacitor is broken or the power amplifier tube is burned. This has the problem of our use, but most of the equipment itself is unstable.

2. I also found that some power amplifiers have no sound in one channel. The problem is still the internal circuit problem.

3. As for other faults, there are some problems such as poor contact of volume potentiometer of power amplifier, imbalance of left and right sound channels, too frequent protection function, poor contact of back panel work change-over switch and signal socket. In short, power amplifier is a kind of electrical equipment which is easy to break down in the audio system.

4. Of course, the most common failure of speakers is the problem of speakers. It can be said that the most common fault in a sound system is to burn out the speakers. Of course, there are human factors, but most of them are the quality problems of speakers themselves.

5. Another common fault of the speaker is that the wiring port is aging and the contact is poor, especially for the speaker with frequent flow. The above equipment has its own fault. Generally, the sound engineer can't repair it. As I said in the previous article, the sound engineer should be "professional". If the power amplifier breaks down or the loudspeaker breaks down, it's the maintenance engineer's job. Our sound engineer's scope of work is to match the sound system and adjust all kinds of sound.